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Currently we have developed the TROPIC prototype (TRansformations on Petri-nets In Color) which can transform integration specifications established with the CARMEN mapping framework into colored Petri-nets that can be executed using the ExSpecT (www.exspect.com) tool. After execution, the resulting Petri-net is transformed into the actual target model. The CARMEN framework builds upon an integration language that provides operators for bridging schematic heterogeneities between metamodels and ontologies. Future work will deal with extending the existing set of integration operators and generators. Due to the fact, that the transformation net approach is very generic, we will furthermore investigate in how well the approach is applicable to other model management tasks, such as model merging or incremental transformations. Another advantage of a process-oriented view is that a transformation net represents a single artifact which embodies metamodels, models and execution logic altogether. Therefore, we deem a Petri-net based execution model beneficial for debugging purposes and visualization of a transformation’s state. Consequently, besides developing generators for further integration languages (e.g.: model merging) or existing model transformation languages, our next steps will focus on developing dedicated tool support in the form of editors and debuggers for the transformation net formalism.

Screenshots of ExSpect and our GMF based Transformation Net Editor

ExSpect Petri Net Tool:

GMF based Transformation Net Editor: